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Cheap excursions?! No problem. I've never taken a collectivo out of Playa, but you can ask anyone or do a search where to locate them. You can take them to Akumal and rent snorkel gear at the dive shop, or go a little bit further south on the collectivo and go to Tulum pueblo where you can catch a taxi to the beautiful beach for about 60 pesos. Stop and grab food and drink to bring with you for the beach or go to a beach club, which can be pricey. Busses also go to Tulum from Playa and are inexpensive. There are ruins at Tulum but get there early to avoid the heat and crowds. I think they open at 8 or 830 and entry is maybe 50 pesos? Fantastic eye candy! The pueblo is not near as busy as Playa, but worth exploring.
You can also go to Puerto Morelos for good snorkeling, 250 pesos for a boat ride to the reef and back. The reef area is protected there and there is a govt fee included in the price. The town there is laid back and a nice break from the bustle of Playa.
A day trip to Isla Mujeres can be a blast. The ferry is maybe 120 pesos pp and you can rent a golf cart for 500 pesos and tour the whole island or not rent and just hang out on the north end's beautiful beaches. This maybe would be a "splurge" day but if you haven't been to Isla it's worth checking out. Very different from Coz.
Take advantage of the AI you stay at and make a bag lunch and always bring water for your excursions. Check the bus schedules and take a trip inland. Rent a car for the day (500 pesos) and explore beaches and pueblo's. Don't hesitate to ask for suggestions from the person sitting next to you, a local or a tourist. I always pack a collapsable cooler which has saved me mucho bucks over the years.
Have fun!

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