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Originally Posted by Playa Joe View Post
I know the people that own this machine. They are the same couple that run the "El Pasaporte Amigo" discount book to Playa Del Carmen.

If I remember correctly they imported this machine from Spain.

I hope it works out for them. I haven't tried it yet but I will out of pure curiosity.

I was walking by the "pizza machine" and there was a couple getting ready to order a pie. So I became a lurker to see how this machine operated. The couple opted for the 40 peso promotion pizza (ordering is done on a touch screen). I wait the three minutes to watch the pizza being out of the machine. It was "delivered" out of the machine in a white pizza-type box. I asked the couple if I could look at their pie and they opened the box. It actually looked better than I thought it would look. It was in an aluminum pie-type pan. The funniest thing was that the couple did not get their change (the machine is supposed to deliver change when the pie is delivered). As I walked away they were beating on the machine to get their change.
So, we are still waiting for a guinea pig to do the taste test. JOE

My suggestion for the time being is to use only the exact required amount to pay for your pizza.
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