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Originally Posted by Emily83g View Post
Yesterdsy was an awesome day of relaxing with the hubby, shopping and a lot of eating!!! So much eating!!! Yummy!!!

We caught the fire show over at Fusion last night... Really cool and romantic!
Photo by emilydiaz83 • Instagram
Photo by emilydiaz83 • Instagram

We check out today from Club Yebo I'm so so sad! I really wish I never booked the all inclusive resort. I love the convenience of being IN town. The beach here is wonderful. Anywho, it'll be a quiet few days for me. No more free wifi either lol booooooo!

Thanks to everyone who helped me choose club yebo. It was awesome and I can't wait to come back!

sooooooooooo glad you loved yebo!!! and i agree, i love being right in the middle of town....

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