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Trip Report begins...

Here we go.. the official Trip report after everyone's help. I had such an amazing vacation with my hubby. It flew by too quickly .. so much we wanted to do and never got to it.

Saturday September 1, 2012 - DAY ONE - BOSTON, MA - LOGAN AIRPORT

We arrived at Logan at around 7am and it was packed!!! I guess we weren't the only ones going on vacation. Well, it was labor day weekend. Luckily the line moved pretty quickly. I was so anxious to get through customs and get on the plane.

The hubby and I in line... He worked an overnight shift and hadn't really slept much. He was excited on the inside. lol

Our plane.. we're almost ready to board... You can imagine the anxiety and excitement. Return back to Mexico has been our dream since our Honeymoon.

There we go.. Happy Hubby...

YAYYY!! We boarded... I take a lot of pics... so there's going to be more pics than talking.

Almost there...

When we finally arrived to Cancun Airport, we rushed to the ADO bus and luckily there was one about to leave. They waited for us which was really nice. Especially since they since us running and sweating like crazy animals.

ADO bus was a smooth ride to Playa. I kept telling my husband.. why doesn't everyone use the ADO bus. This is insanely easy!!! I feel so foolish being so afraid of it before. Now.. I want to tell everyone I know that heads to playa.. USE THE ADO BUS! Saves you so much $$!!!

They were playing a movie on the bus which helped the ride go by quicker.

Getting so close to Playa.. I can smell it!!!!!!


We got off the bus and immediately grabbed a taxi. We weren't really sure if we could walk from the station with our luggage. The hubby was beyond exhausted and just wanted to get to the hotel quick.
The taxi charged us 50 pesos to Club Yebo.. I know now that I should've just paid him 30 pesos.. it really was such a quick ride. Anyways, I wasn't going to bargain right now and wanted to get to the hotel.

The hotel's sign is really hard to find if you're not looking carefully. It's located in the bushes on the left of Phantom Divers and you enter through the little alley way. This took us a few minutes to figure out.

Check in was quick and we were taken to our room. You have to understand my excitement when I received the music room. I meant to request this room but totally forgot. My husband is a Live Sound Engineer for a Live Sound/Concert Production Company here in Boston. So you can say.. Music is his life.. and ours. I've worked for the Boston Symphony Orchestra for the past 10 years.. and right before my trip received a very much needed promotion. So this trip was an Anniversary trip but a celebration of my promotion as well.

He was so happy to see the name of the Room and I've got to say it's probably my favorite location! Right in front of the pool. I was worried it might be an issue when other people use the pool but we had no problems and everyone who stayed there were very respectful.

The rooms were very comfortable and came with burners, microwave, toaster, and fridge.

By this time.. the hubby and I were starving! We knew where we wanted to go. Carboncitos here we come.
Now, we were a little uncertain of the area we were in. After a day in town we realized how close we were to everything. But, we weren't sure at first which direction everything was so we caught a taxi and he took us to Carboncitos. Riding in the taxi and looking where we were going we realized then where everything was. That was our last taxi in town until we left to the resort later in the week.

I have to say.. Club Yebo is in a great location. I was happy with our decision to stay there!

The hubby and I gasped when we saw the beach in the distance there.

It's such a beautiful sight to see!

Mmmmmm... The hubby had a Pina Colada (virgin- he doesn't drink). I drink for him. I had the rum punch. Refreshing and Sweet.

I had to have some guacamole to start.. I mean.. it's necessary.

Oops.. I kinda started eating before I could take a pic. LOL I ordered the tacos al pastor. The hubby ordered a churrasco burrito I believe. I can't remember exactly.. and it was gone pretty quickly.

Like Shivors.. we also had the guitar players serenade us. I had them sing one of my dad's favorite songs "Mi Viejo San Juan". Kinda funny they're singing a song about Puerto Rico and we're in Mexico.. But it's a beautiful song and I've heard it sung many times around Playa.

Check out the video here:

(I'm not sure if that link worked)

After lunch we headed straight to the water. We needed to feel the sand on our feet. ASAP!

We walked to the hotel from the beach and the hubby was getting sleepy. Poor guy hadn't slept much.. So we changed into our bathing suits.. swam a little in the pool and just layed out on the pool chairs.

Someone kinda passed out. We really wanted to meet up with Shivors that night for the show at Wah Wah's. I didn't have the heart to wake the hubby up though.

He woke up around 8:30 and we decided to get ready and get some food. We were in the mood for some Italian.. I had read great reviews on Casa Mediterranea
off of 5th ave.

Walking to 5th from Club Yebo..

Of course the hubby and I not knowing the area too well.. we were searching for the restaurant. It's location between 6th and 8th street. Look for the Sabai Spa sign and walk through the little pathway.. the restaurant is on your right.

The restaurant was very cute and the ambiance really romantic. Great for our first dinner together in town.

The hubby ordered the spaghetti bolognese and I had the garlic butter spinach ravioli. DELICIOUS! We licked our plates.. we were also very hungry.

You could taste the freshness in the basil and the Parmesan cheese. Mmmmm

I ended it with a cappuccino.. my eyes were falling.. I didn't want the boy to have to drag me back to the room.

end of day one


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