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DAY TWO - Waking up in Playa..

What an awesome feeling waking up in a beautiful place. I immediately jumped out of bed at 6am (I did this a lot on vacation) and just stared outside at the pool. The hubby would scream at me because I was letting the sun light come in but I'd just roll my eyes and say get over it.. I'M IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!

I'm sure he was irritated with me every morning. I woke up at the crack of dawn just thinking about what we were going to do that day.. what we were going to eat... (I think about eating a lot... I'm a chubster, I can't lie! LOL)

I forgot to mention before. We stopped at a market the first day and bought a few breakfast foods for the morning. I knew the boy wasn't going to wake up early like me.. so I needed something to keep from gnawing at my finger nails. LOL

I made myself a sandwich and some cereal and sat out by the pool and just enjoyed some quiet time. There was a little noise from Phantom divers next door but nothing to complain about. It didn't bother me one bit. I'm on vacation.. who cares!

Finally the hubby got up and he was happy too! Finally fully rested from his long work week.

He ate some cereal and got ready to head out and walk around.. Took a stroll up to 5th ave and look at all the stores. They were just opening up.. so there weren't toooo many people calling out to us. but still, these guys are up early and ready!

Never got to eat there but we wanted to check it out.. yes, only because it was called Boston Grille. haha

We stopped at 100% Natural Juice joint. We were thirsty and all ready getting hot. The heat is non-stop I tell ya..

I needed Caffeine asap.. and the boy enjoyed some type of fruit smoothie. Forgot the name.

This restaurant is really cute and I love the outdoor patio. Be careful for the birds.. we saw a few come down and grab scraps really close to us. They're not afraid of people I guess.

One thing we noticed at all the restaurants we went to. I'm not sure if this is an international thing or a Mexico thing.. well is it normal practice to ask for the check. I'm so used to the states where the waiter will just automatically put it down on the table. But we noticed they NEVER put it down unless we asked for it. We really liked that and didn't feel rushed at all.

After a nice morning drink we walked down 5th towards Wah Wah. We needed the beach.. and we were desperate for a dip in the water. As soon we stepped on to Wah Wah we were caught by the parasailing guys. Now, I've always wanted to do parasailing but the boy is afraid of heights. I've been pushing him for years.. something came over him.. or he went crazy from the Mexican sun.. he finally agreed. We haggled the guy for a good price. We got him down to $100 for 15 min. Originally it was like $150 for 10 min. Then we tried to walk away.. he went down again.. so.. we finally agreed.

At the same time, the palapa guys at Wah Wah were trying to get us to rent out their chairs. We promised him we'd come back after parasailing.

This was one of favorites moments of the trip. I was terrified as soon as I got on the boat and almost didn't want to do it. So glad I went through with it. Amazing!! The view of Playa del Carmen beach, the hotels, the water.. gorgeous!!

After the parasailing we headed straight to Wah Wah. We promised "Mosquito" and we weren't going to let him down.

The hubby ordered a virgin Bahama Mama and I went straight for the Long island iced teas..don't judge. lol

We ordered some guacamole and rested most of the day. I was little annoyed when I first asked "Mosquito" for the wifi password. He kept telling me that he didn't have the password. I didn't understand why but I didn't really push him. He kept saying you can use the wifi from an open "Riviera Maya" signal. It was really annoying since the signal was so bad and it kept coming in and out. I needed to return some emails on the trip and confirm with excursion for Wednesday.

The boy knocked out for a bit. I listened to some beach musicians and sun tanned most of the time. We were there for a few hours. I drank, ordered from yummy fish tacos. These were so filling!
Finally, I got the courage to bug "Mosquito" one more time about the wifi password. He made a comment and said, you forgot it already? I'm like, uh, I never got it??

He came over with the password and I was finally logged in. A few hours too late. But whatever. Sue mentioned I should've went to the bar to get the password. I know better now. I feel like he only gave it to me because I finally ordered an entree maybe? I'm not sure.. but I ordered plenty of drinks and guacamole.. I thought that would be enough.

The hubby woke up and ordered some Nachos.. it was almost 6pm and they were already started to close up. We finished eating and headed back to Club yebo.

We weren't totally done with the water and wanted to jump in the pool to end our beach day.

I really did love this little pool. It was the perfect depth and great to relax in.

.. after the pool.. we both knocked out! We didn't wake up til midnight and decided to just stay in the rest of the night. It was fine with me.. I needed to sleep more.



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