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Day 3 - Shopping Day.

Today we woke up with the lovely sound of rain falling outside. I had to take a video of it. The sun was still shining bright and the birds were singing. Everything just sounds so much better in Mexico. haha

When the rain finally stopped we headed out for some breakfast. We walked up 14th street towards the beach and on the right hand side we found Amaranto Bistro. This is the restaurant Club Yebo has connections with for the $1 beach chair rentals. We never did rent a chair.. I didn't like the beach too much on that side. The fishing boats take away from swimming in that section.

but breakfast we did...

We asked to sit in the back patio.. we didn't want to be in the sun. 3 days into Mexico and we needed a little break from the sun.. haha.. until later of course.

The restaurant is really small.. they have front and back outdoor seating. Along with beach front seating. The service was really great and the food was so yummy! Really inexpensive as well. We wanted to come again another day but never got the chance.

One little issue was they ran out of pancake syrup. We were lucky to get a drop for the hubby's french toast.

The hubby ordered apple juice but they didn't have any. What they did though was make him an apple smoothie/water. The hubby actually preferred than the juice. He really enjoyed it. I ordered an iced coffee. Now what I thought I was going to get was coffee with ice, as they do here. They gave me what they do. It was basically a cold coffee. It was still very good and refreshing. I kinda still wanted some ice though.

I ordered some strawberry pancakes.. wasn't lucky to get any syrup though. I smothered them in butter and it was still very good. I recommend their fruit pancakes! delicious!

We also shared a plate of Mexican Scrambled eggs and were shocked with how much it came with. The hubby also ordered a fruit cup. We didn't realize how much food everything was going to be haha. But we were up for the challenge and succeeded.
Another note: Make sure to say you want to have your food come together or they'll wait till you finish your pancakes and then ask if your want your eggs to come out. We waited a while til we realized he thought we wanted it to come out separately. Since they were two separate entrees.

After stuffing ourselves.. we decided to make a trip to Mega and Walmart. We wanted to get some souvenirs, bio-sunscreen and some drinks for the room.

We hopped in a taxi - 30 pesos later we were at Mega.

We bought some hot sauces for friends back at home. We asked one of the workers at Mega which was the hottest sauce they knew of.

Back at home - my friends and family come to me to make them flan. I'm not going to brag too much but I think my flan is pretty good. I wanted to try some mexican flan but never got to. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth while I was here... I think it was the heat. I just craved liquor and guac.

Someone please tell me what fruit this is??

After finding a few things from Mega.. we walked to Walmart. Not knowing if we were going in the right direction but we just kept walking and found it! I had some idea where it was but wasn't too sure..

We found this vending machine on our way to Walmart?? What in the world? Do people actually buy this?

Now going through Mega and Walmart.. I have to go with Mega. So much cleaner and easier to get through. I thought the prices were so much better than walmart also.

After shopping for a while.. we got our stuff hopped in a cab back to Club Yebo. ( Ok, I lied earlier about not having to take a cab. I forgot about our trip to walmart haha. We did use it them this time.)

We unpacked our gifts and food and hunger was setting in. We decided to take a walk toward Luna Blue to see if we would bump into Shivors. When we got there the bar was closed. I wasn't sure maybe it was because they didn't open til later? So, we headed up 5th to La Bodeguita del medio.

I had my trusty google map this time.. hahaha

The hubby ordered a virgin Mango Mojito and I had the regular strawberry Mojito. THEY HONESTLY DO HAVE THE BEST MOJITOS!!

I ordered their House Specialty Chicken with rice and beans. Mmmmmmm.. it was just like back at home. This was probably my favorite dinner the whole trip. I love rice and beans, but that chicken was sooooo good! The hubs ordered some meat balls and shared off me. He said the meat balls were really spicy but he liked it.

After talking to the manager or owner, not really sure, for a bit.. I was telling him if they made martinis. He said they usually don't but that he'd make me one. And that he did.. it was a strong one too but with a mango fruity twist. Yummy and I was drunky. LOL

Stumbling back to the hotel.. we took a peak back at Luna Blue.. it was already 630pm and still wasn't open. I assumed they just weren't open on Mondays.

We headed back to the room, rested and showered and decided we wanted to head to Fusion for late dinner, the belly dancing and fire show.

I enjoy walking 5th ave at night and seeing the restaurants and people watching.

At Fusion we took a table out on the beach. Right in front. At first the idea of sitting out on the beach is so romantic and sweet.. in reality.. it's big pain in the butt. hhaahaa. I was kinda uncomfortable in my seat, wearing a dress, and got bit by a few mosquitoes. I stuck it for the boy who was just loving it.

We ordered chicken Nachos and Chicken tacos. YUMMYYYY!!! As you can see the portions were huge! We probably could've just shared the chicken nachos.

It was a very romantic evening though. The night was perfect, the food was perfect and I was so happy to be there with my favorite boy.

The belly dancing show was so cool and the fire show was my favorite.

Here's a video of some of the fire show:

End of Day 3.

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