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We actually slept in a bit late today... late being 9am. Too many martini's from Fusion the night before.

We woke up kinda of sad this morning... we would be checking out of Club Yebo today. We asked them the day before if we could have a late check out.. we were able to stay an extra hour more than usual.

We packed up our stuff and headed out for some breakfast before we checked out. We went straight to IMPREVIST. This was another place I wanted to try for dinner but didn't get the chance to. There's just too many places, not enough days..

They have a pre-fix Breakfast Menu for $145 pesos per person. You get a basket full of delicious freshly baked pastries and jam, yogurt with honey and nut pairings. You also choose which entree you'd like. The hubby chose the Waffle with fruits and I had the Eggs Benedict.

This was out favorite breakfast of the whole trip. Delicious, the service was quick and friendly, the price was great. If you can't make it for dinner, TRY THE BREAKFAST.

I think I had about 3 cups of this coffee. It was so good! I wanted to ask them what kind they brew and I totally forgot. If anyone knows.. please let me know!

After that delicious breakfast we have a couple hours to kill. I really needed a pedicure and decided to walk up to Veronica's Massage. They didn't have any openings at that moment.. neither a bunch of other places either.

I finally ended up at "By the Way Spa" off of 5th Ave. They were free and took me in quick. It was good pedicure but she really got in there between my nails. Ouchie. She's was bit rough but still enjoyable and came out nice.

It started to rain as I was getting my pedicure done.. so the boy was stuck inside waiting for me. You can see the joy in his face.

It was still drizziling as we got out of there... we sprinted back to club yebo to check out.

After the sad good byes to the hotel we got a cab pretty quickly and headed on our way to our next hotel. The Occidental Grand Xcaret.

The drive was about half hour and entrance to the resort is kinda long. You go through this jungly road.. it's almost like you're going into the jungle. The resort entrance is beautiful and huge... totally different atmosphere and feeling than being in town.

Before the trip I'd emailed the resort my concerns of things I'd read online. I told them it was our anniversary and if it was possible to get a room in a good location at the resort.

This resort is massive! Bring good walking shoes.. cause if you don't catch the shuttle to get around. it's a lot of walking.

Check in was very friendly.. the woman who responded back to me about my email checked us in. She told me she'd take good care of us and she really did. She set up in a great room, pool view, close to Main Breakfast and Dinner buffet areas. I felt more at ease after that check in.

She helped us make our reservations at one of their restaurants at the resort for our anniversary. It was their Seafood restaurant and it has a beautiful view and very romantic ambiance.

After check in.. we were a bit early for our room so we headed to the snack bar close to the fun pool. We ate and just relaxed till it was time to go into our rooms.

When we finally got our keys, we headed to our rooms to change to jump in the pool. Now this is where the not so fun part begins. The resort is known for their time share speeches. We tried everything possible to avoid this. At every building for the rooms we have a concierge. He's supposed to tell you about this "welcome gift" that EVERYONE receives. We avoided this welcome gift like the plague. hahaaaa. Through out the rest of our days we just kept saying we'd come back at another time until I think he gave up on us. LOL

This was the view from our room.

Ruth, the manager who helped really hooked us up. She sent us a nice plate of fruit, champagne, and bottle of tequila.

After a little swim at the pool we came back in and get ready for dinner. We were able to reserve at their Italian restaurant "Los Olivos".

Dinner was very good but I had eaten too much at the snack bar earlier and really didn't get to enjoy my meal. We were exhausted and didn't go to the show that night. We went straight to bed. We have a long day to get ready for the next day.

End of Day four.


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