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Originally Posted by Murrsay185 View Post
Arrived and in the condo, no problemo. The flight was early, through the airport in 45 minutes. We past the ADO booth and asked about buying tickets at the bus stop. The little fibber said no only there. I knew better. So we tried for a transfer but no inexpensive deal so off to the ADO. This time there was a gate but the security let us in and there was the ADO stand. Bought the ticket and 20 minutes later we are off to Playa. Found Cathy and a bucket of beer and met the condo guy. I can see your BBQ. The building is filling up, looks like 12 of 20 have occupants. More pictures on the way. Lots of changes in town.

hey thats great the barbeque is still there, someone must have moved it back up onto the patio,,,so whats the scoop on the bus tickets, used to get them right from the driver and then last year there was a little stand set up out beside the bus,,,,glad you made it old buddy, another couple of weks we should have near a full house
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