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Feet & Cows (brown and otherwise)

Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
Yes, believe me, ladies... Urea cream, the higher the concentration, the better, that will fix those dry feet right up!

Not sure what the Spanish would be for it, but it should be found in most farmacias?

Beam Eye- that is interesting, we call Kahlua with cream or milk a 'brown cow' here.
Eucerin in all its various formulations is found in the supermarket farmacias and in most regular farmacias too. Eucerin is pronounced "A" (rhymes with hay) "ooh-serene", cream is pronounced "crayma", and foot ("pie") is pronounced ...oh, well, you already know that one (unless you're from the South, where it's pronounced "paah", as in "pea-can paah"). Root beer isn't pronounced at all in Mexico, where the natives avoid it like the plague ("Ugghh! Tastes like medicine!" It's an American thing).

Kahlua and cream! Sounds good, but does it foam? And can you float in it? Speaking of cows (brown, etc), Udder Butter works a treat on dried and cracked feet and hands (and udder things), but probably an unlikely find here in Playa (no cows, to speak of, although I did see a tin of cattle anti-vampire cream in a veterinary store - best to keep your eyes open in case you ask for udder butter and end up with a tin of anti-vampire cream -vampire is pronounced "bam-pee-rah", just so you know).
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