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Where to unlock a phone ? Has anyone done that here ?

Greetings fellow Playainfoers

We brought our phone from London completely neglecting to have it unlocked by our provider once our contract ended.

It's a nice phone, big screen, great camera ... would love to use it ... problem is, it is locked and can only by used by O2-UK, our former phone company. For those who care, it's a Quad-core 1.5 Ghz with a screen that makes the iPhone look like a etch-a-sketch

Does anyone know of a good reliable place to unlock a phone ?

... and before you answer in haste, YES it DOES need to be unlocked, as it will NOT take any other SIM card other than O2-UK. Same as a locked AT&T or T-Mobile phone would need to back in the States.

We asked around in a few of the many places on 30th, but they all seem to be middlemen for other places where the unlocking actually takes place and depending on how many middle men there are, the prices seem to be all over the place. Something like this would be 25 in London, or US$40 in the States ... but... *sigh*...

Anyone ? I speak Spanish and can haggle pricing with the best of them

Thanks a bunch ~

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