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Vacation tips while in playa del carmen

The famous 5th Avenue walk is a MUST, you cannot say you vacation in Playa del Carmen if you did not walk the 5th Avenue for meals and shopping. Here is what you should do while vacationing in Playa!

The most famous Beach Clubs are: Playa Mamitas, one of the oldest and most famous beach clubs in Playa del Carmen, along with Blue Parrot Beach Club.
Canibal Beach Club with excellent food, anything you order is just exquisite.

You have probably heard of them many times, if not…here they are. These are a MUST TO DO list too! You should prepare to be out from 9 or 10 am in the morning to make it worth it and enjoy the trip to the maximum.

#1 Chichen Itza – No doubt you should visit, and even if the ride from Playa is a little long it is definitely worth it!! Make sure to wear sun block, use a hat, drinking water, and the most important…a CAMARA, the Mayan ruins have this amazing energy that you will feel once you are in front of them, you will want to remember that feeling at least with a picture.
#2 Tulum and Coba – A 30 minute from each other and you can visit both in one day. Tulum has a great story and the beach is beautiful…yes, like the pictures you see on the internet. Coba has a great story too and the there you can see the fusion between the two most powerful Mexican tribes, Aztec and Mayan.
#3 Xel Ha – The place is just unbelievably beautiful, perfect for tour visit and relaxing at the beach later. You can snorkel too.
#4 Xcaret – Playa del Carmen most famous Zoo and Park. Here you can learn many things about the animals in the area and Mayan culture, if you are traveling with children or coming with friends this is the pace to visit.
#5 Cenote Visit – You will find many Cenotes (natural underground pools) all along the Riviera Maya. These places have incredible Mayan history, plus the formation of the rocks and the sustainable life you can find is just beautiful.
#6 Cozumel Island – This Island is small but it has the MUST SEE most beautiful reef along the Riviera. Famously worldwide known for snorkeling and diving.

You will find many restaurants all along the 40 blocks of the 5th Avenue. But for personal experience and mouth to mouth recommendation, you should try some of the following:

YAXCHE – The now very famous Mayan restaurant is delicious. But please note that as most of Mexican food, we do use strong condiments as well as spicy chili. You can ask them to modify your order no problem. This food is a refined menu of the traditional Mayan Cuisine.
AGUACHILES – Yes, it has the word chili, but do not be worried you have to option to add chili if you want to unless is marked on the menu it has chili; you can always ask the waiter how spicy it is. This restaurant is becoming a trade mark for Playa del Carmen, they serve the best sea food in town.
CUEVA DEL CHANGO – You cannot go by pass this restaurant, it is excellent for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Really!! A combination of traditional Mexican food; organic, healthy and is like homemade.
LA SEIBA – Talking about healthy food…you can enjoy Mexican dishes also from this restaurant. Also like homemade style, with organic and healthy combinations.
LUNA MAYA – I can only say that the food preparation of this cuisine along with the combination of the service is like a 5 diamond restaurant. You will see the difference once you get there.

Since Playa del Carmen welcomes people from all around the world, here are the international restaurants I recommend which includes good service and good food quality and preparation.
CHEZ CELINE – Good French restaurant for Breakfast, light lunch, and light dinner, or even just for a relaxing coffee break.
BYBLOS – Also French Restaurant and Wine Bar, the lunch menu is delicious and at a good price. Plus you can have a fancy dinner at this beautiful restaurant.
DIABLITO CHA CHA CHA – Fusion of Mexican-Asian Sea Food restaurant and bar. I really recommend visiting. Sometimes the service is a little slow, but no doubt the food is excellent!
EL DIEZ – This Argentinean restaurant has become very famous in Playa del Carmen, also extending a restaurant for Italian. Both foods available on any side you wish to sit. If you are looking for a good stake, this is an excellent option plus the wine of the house is very good.
BABE’S NOODLES AND BAR – If you are looking for Thai, Asian Fusion and Vegetarian Cuisine, this is your place! Good for lunch, dinner and drinks.

If you have a craving for something other than above, let me know!!!

If you wish to recommend anything else... please go ahead!!

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