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Well, I think the problem is that because you are getting nearly all of your pizzas from Italian-run joints, you are nearly always getting the thin style that you described below. Personally, I wouldn't turn my nose up at NY style, or Chicago style pizza once in awhile. I had a delicious deep dish pizza in December when I was in MN, and I still daydream about it.

That being said, I crave "real" Mexican food (or what others call Tex Mex), too!

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Maybe pizza and pasta warrant separate reviews/videos.

And now from the Emperor's New Clothes Section, Sour Grapes Department (ouch - I can feel the blows raining down already - hep me Jesus! hep me!): Frankly, the dinky little pizzas here are really nothing to crow about - skinny, insubstantial little crusts not much thicker than a toasted tortilla and about as tasty as one of those Swedish hi-fiber weight-loss crackers, and chinzy, mostly bland little toppings with not much in or on them. You'd think with all the Italians here there would be more choice - this makes about as much sense as trying to find a REAL BURRITO in Mexico (sorry, no such animal). Now, don't I feel all better? (Why, yes, I do, thanks.) Provecho - or something - but make it tasty (and substantial).

PS - Sorry, I inadvertently left out the highly-specific word 'dinky' - please feel free to stick it in there somewhere, wherever it reads best (which would be almost anywhere - except my ear or my hindquarters).

PPS - I couldn't stand it, so I went ahead and put it in, right up there in the beginning so you wouldn't miss it or have to worry where to put it - done deal, but thanks for the thoughts, or whatever.
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