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Babe's Noodles & Bar has news! Video

Long-time local favorite Babe's Noodles and Bar has news!

First of all, they installed air conditioning in the back part of the restaurant!
No more sweating over your Pad Thai or Shrimp Curry!

Secondly, Executive Chef Lena, has added several new dishes to Babe's awesome menu including an amazing Jumbo Coconut Shrimp served with Asian Coleslaw and a spicy Tarter Sauce!
They also brought back a couple old favorites like the Marinated Feta Cheese and Kalamata Olives! of my faves!

Please note: Babe's will be closed for vacation from Monday Sept 16 to Monday Sept 30th. Lena and Per (the owners) make all the sauces fresh by hand and they need a break!

Check out Babe's newest, coolest video yet!

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