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You bet Sask. fans are the best... Have fun in Playa watching the game.. wish we were there..

It is going to take some doing to get the Calgary Stampeders McMahon Stadium ready for tomorrow game..I feel sorry for those making the drive from Sask to Calgary for the game..

We are in a wicked blizzard right now
Alberta Highway Camera near Airdrie
Where we live I can see about one block... oh my in the last 5min's I can see just the houses across the street from us...

Last Sunday we were at a Calgary sports bar and also a pub where they have a blues Jam every Sunday (btw ..Legendary Funk Brother Gary Martin is band leader ...we are thankful he lives in Calgary ..

anyway Of course the BC ..Sask game was on...We live in Alberta but we are from Sask. and huge Rider fans.. There were many Rider fans at the pub so a very lively fun place to be... quite a few Calgary fans were cheering for the Riders... They said they wanted the Riders to win as they would rather the Stamps play the Riders than BC....

The Stamps do have a very strong team this year.. If I were to bet I would have to on them but please Riders do what we know you can do and win the game...

I will wear my Rider poncho I purchased last yr in Manzanillo and I hope my Amigo who I made into a rider fan will be cheering will see him in a few weeks...

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