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Day 3

Palazzo pool

Our third day was another warm one. We went across to the Fashion Show Mall to see about discount tickets at Tix4Tonite, but given that the lineup was longer than we were prepared to join, we jumped on the Deuce bus and headed down to the Luxor to see the Titanic exhibit.

The Sphinx at Luxor

When entering the exhibit you’re given a White Star Line boarding pass with a brief outline of one of the passengers, with a note that you'll find out their fate at the exit. Mine gave a brief bio of Mr. Lee Bing, a Chinese coal stoker who took a third class berth on the Titanic on his way to work in New York. I figured he was toast.

Titanic exhibit - White Star Line boarding pass

Throughout the presentation are accurate reproductions of various parts of the ship. A third class room is shown with two sets of bunks beds crammed together, and the incessant rumble of the engines makes it all very life like. A much quieter representation of a first class room shows the luxury in which the über rich travelled, but the takeaway from it all is that no matter the class all travelled in relative comfort on the Titanic.

All sorts of small and normally mundane personal objects have been retrieved from the ocean floor, making for fascinating viewing and provoking thoughts about their owner, why they were aboard ship and how they fared in the end.

At one point the tour goes out on the Promenade Deck. Stepping through the door the cold of that spring night in the North Atlantic is immediately felt, and there is a mound of actual ice to illustrate what it might have looked like after the collision.

At the end I looked on the passenger’s board and was surprised to find that Mr. Bing had survived the tragedy. A little Googling later on revealed that he may have made an “ungentlemanly” boarding of Collapsible C, but if true I can’t blame him for doing so.

After the exhibit we bummed around the Strip.

CityCenter - The Veer Towers

Just another day on the Las Vegas strip

New York, New York

Later on in the day after some rest back at the Palazzo we took the Deuce down to the Miracle Mile Shops to see VEGAS! The Show. We thought that since we were in Sin City we should see a Las Vegas revue. I pulled out my home-printed ticket and the ticket taker looked at me like I was from Mars, but then scanned the print out and let us in. We were almost immediately run over by about 15 seniors with walkers and canes as they hustled to the elevator. Actually, it was sort of like that chase scene in Seinfeld where George, in a motorized chair, is chased down a New York sidewalk at about 1/2 mph by angry seniors in their own motorized chairs.

When the show finally opened for seating we walked up several flights of stairs accompanied by throngs of other seniors who felt the elevator unnecessary.

Vegas! - The Show

Our seats were fantastic: 4th row center and half-price. The show is a Las Vegas-style revue, focusing on the big acts that played Las Vegas throughout its history.

They wisely perform as interpreters rather than as imitators, and it works well, except in a few instances in order to work out who the singer was I had to rely on what I had learned from years of viewing that ultimate source of cultural references, The Flintstones, : "Hey! That’s Ann Margrock, er, Margret. "

Ann-Margrock & Stoney Curtis

But generally it was Rat Pack, Elvis, etc, and aside from singing, there were lots of beautiful ladies dancing, lots of comedy, and a couple of guys tapped danced – ask your Granddad if you’re not sure what that is.

Parts of it were so funny I had tears running down my face - I really recommend it.

After the show we walked over to Paris and had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi. The room was full of large and boisterous tables, all having a good time. Helen had the trout with green beans – she loved it – and I have the steak with sauce Roquefort. The steak was really good but overly salty.

After dinner we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower via a 2 for 1 coupon. It’s was a beautiful night to be up there and I took too many pics.

Le Pont du something or other leading to the Eiffel Tower elevators - Paris

The Strip looking north

The Strip looking south

The Bellagio fountains

The Bellagio fountains

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