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Day 4

Well our flight didn't leave until 5:30 pm so we have some time to noodle about. The Palazzo graciously allowed us a late check-out gratis, so we take our time getting going, but eventually we’re out the door and we take a last look at the Christmas decorations.

Christmas at The Palazzo

Christmas at The Palazzo

Christmas at The Palazzo

We head next door to the Wynn and Encore. Both are beautiful and thankfully the shops are so high-end that there’s no need to stop in for a look.

We exit onto Las Vegas Boulevard and Helen comments on the war zone appearance across the street, where future development will hopefully extend the better part of the Strip further north.

We walk toward the Fashion Show Mall but our hearts are not in it and we’re back outside quickly.

When we’re back in the Palazzo we give the slot machines a try. Everything we know about slots we learned from 1960’s movies; the clichés are cemented in our minds but it would appear that the technology has moved on. I had tried my best to read up on them prior to our trip but I remain a hopeless noob.

Helen is surprised at the lack of coin-operated machines, the lack of single line machines, and instead is overwhelmed by the multi-line games that predominate the floor.

"How do you know if you won or not with all those lines?" she asked. Well that’s exactly it; the machine decides if you won and you just go along with it . . . until your money’s gone!

In fact the first machine happily took my money without offering any game play. Confused beyond all belief, I moved to another machine only to have the previous player come dashing back madly to claim her player’s card.

But in the end it was fun and I’d love to do it again, maybe play some blackjack too - The Wizard of Odds has a simplified blackjack chart that I think even I can follow, and in fact I've been giving it a try-out on my tablet.

Your correspondent and the Missus: not wearing barrels . . . yet!

At the airport our plane lands and people travelling in from California get off. I’m not really paying attention but she excitedly tells me that . . . someone important! just got pushed past us. I just catch a glimpse, and Helen had a hard time even coming up with a name, but eventually blurts out "Eddie Fisher’s ex-wife."

So I start working my way backward, the Flintstones being no help this time. Let’s see: Fisher, Fisher, oh yeah, the daughter was in Star Wars . . . um, Carrie Fisher! That’s it! So that was . . .

And somehow I make the leap to Debbie Reynolds. I don’t know how but a lifetime of television is probably to blame. Later at home I Google Debbie Reynolds and sure enough it was her.

We landed in a very windy Buffalo just past midnight with the temperature at 34 degrees(!). I was concerned about the 24 beers that I had purchased back on Sunday and had left in the car, but due to it not quite being freezing and the alcohol in the beer, all was good (alcohol: is there anything it can't do? ).

I found out the hard way that Buffalo doesn’t light its freeways at night, but I managed to make my way to the border where the guard whisked us through and in an hour we were back home, basking in the remembrance of a fantastic trip.

Has a Las Vegas lovin' monster been created? I certainly hope so!

Various remaining photos:

The Venetian

The Venetian

Venetian ceiling

Venetian ceiling

Venetian bell

Forum Shops at Caesars

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