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Originally Posted by Debbiec View Post
Hmm, yeah, I'm guessing this is a cheaper/shorter flight for you than it is for me from the east coast US... I just never get used to that scene with so many people and glitz and gambling and....well, quite frankly, the "underbelly" of society. And I'm sure you're right about there being some really interesting things to do there other than things that involve that whole side of it.
Speaking of Canadians owning half the houses....come to Southwest Florida, where our second home is!! TONS of Canadians there every winter, for 6 months minus one day.....

We stayed at the Aria so we didn't see much of the 'underbelly' clientele, I guess? I really don't like crowds, but one trip a year I think I can do. For the shopping, for me, mainly!

Yeah, loads of Canadian snowbirds in Fla, but most of us westerners head to Phoenix or buy there, it seems. I have never been to Florida!

Sorry for the highjack, Matt! Great trip report and I loved your photos. Thanks for taking the time to post.
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