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Originally Posted by noonedjr View Post
couldnt pay me to get another pizza from Romeos.More toppings and better taste from a pizza renzo on the street and a lot less than 160 pesos
What pizza did you have at Romeo's that you didn't like? Just curious because it's my go to pizza place!

I used to like Pizza Renzo for a quick slice to go but I think they changed their sauce or something. I went to the one on 10th a few weeks ago and the pepperoni pizza was nasty. Worth the walk & the money to go to La Familia for a slice of pepperoni.

Originally Posted by englishplayar View Post
romeo is out of this world and so so reasonable. cant fault the place. the volcano dessert is fantastic as well. GO THERE !
I love Romeo's for pizza. I haven't had much of their other food -- other than a lasagna that I thought was meh. Their pizza? Love! Just don't go there when they are busy. You will wait forever!!
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