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I know Canada is very tough on who they let in. My brother had traveled there for scuba diving several times and on his 5th dive trip he was stopped at the border and turned away. So now Canada is off limits for him. The way it is looking Mexico might be office limits also. I read on another forum that the US is now notifying Mexico when convicted people are traveling to Mexico. How true this is I have no idea.
Homeland Security requires all airlines flying passengers into the US to provide a passenger list for all flights entering the US, and to provide reciprocal lists to all countries whose airlines fly to and from the US.

It's relatively easy to match names with law enforcement lists, but given the time constraints of trying to interpret the 'crimes' of entering passengers before they arrive at the customs gates, it's probably much easier to just blindly bar entry rather than to research each one of hundreds of passengers with seemingly minor 'convictions' including DUI, or fishing without a license, or smoking marijuana as a teenager 20 years ago, or whatever the host country decides is sufficient cause for suspicion. A letter in the pocket from local law enforcement might help (probably can't hurt), but I frankly don't know how much, if any, discretion a border guard has in matters like this.

The recent Malaysia Air crash (2 days ago) has highlighted weak security measures that allowed at least 2 people onto the flight with stolen passports - so nobody knows who they were. Tougher measures all around is the current standard in the US, Canada and Europe - but who of us remembers ever having to take off your shoes to board in Cancun? 'Sloppy' here means more rigid on arrival. But 'DUI'? Probably right up there with 'listening to classical music'.

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