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Originally Posted by Shammy View Post
My son got a DUI and his friends were thinking of going to Canada this summer. We found out he can't go! I don't understand it at all, why a DUI means you can't go into Canada but it is what it is!
Canada and the US many years ago agreed to share criminal records. This allowed both sides of the border the ability to keep criminals out. At the time the intent was to prevent serious criminals from entering either country. DUI, minor drug possession or shoplifting was not considered serious enough to deny entry. The terrorist attack of 9/11 spawned many changes for Canadians entering the US. Homeland Security became the authority and any conviction for anything meant denial of entry to the US. Canada protested this blanket inclusion of all criminal record holders being denied entry. Homeland Security (US Government) refused to relax the entry rules so Canada in retaliation implemented the same rules for US citizens entering Canada. Tit for tat and it is what it is.
A Canadian with a minor criminal record (DUI) wishing to enter US must first obtain a US Entry Visa. Total cost near $1,000. And it is issued through Homeland Security. I expect to enter Canada with a minor criminal record (DUI) the cost would be about the same.
How stupid is this? I see open marijuana sales in Colorado and Canadian citizens being denied entry into the US because of a decades old fine for minor marijuana possession. It would be laughable if it wasn't so stupid. Until something changes within Homeland Security the status quo will continue.
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