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Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
I think it is pretty extreme, too.

And it looks like it is not easy to get past it, either...

Laws for Entering Canada With a DUI | eHow

I know a Canadian who was flying to Phoenix to golf a couple years ago and they (US Immigration) ran his name and put him on an immediate plane home once he arrived in Arizona....because of a 20 year old pot charge in Alberta. Stupid! And he had been traveling to the US twice yearly at least for the past decade!
I hate these situations where people end up suffering while governments play their stupid tit-for-tat games. Someone make a decision for God's sake, leaving it up to border guards and their personal whims is irresponsible on the governments part.
Dusty and I have been traveling for 20+ years and living together now for 26 years and coming thru the U.S. the last time, we had a U.S. immigration officer work us over for not being MARRIED!!??!! give me a break!! What business is it of his?? I kept my mouth shut (for a change) and said "Yes sir and no sir" In the meantime he continued to try to %&*@ me off.
I can see this immigration thing getting way outta hand if left up to the guards and their personal agendas.
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