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It doesn't seem like

anything is going change regarding the system presently in place; that allows the individual immigration officer to determine who is allowed to enter "their" country. Right now it is at the officer's discretion.

Every time we travel in the US which is bi-weekly; we see this. This applies when we enter Michigan and again when we return to Canada. We have over the past several years, had our vehicle searched by dogs for drugs before we were even allowed on the bridge to return to Canada, been sent in on the Canadian side to pay duty on 12 beers that we've always been allowed to bring back (her discretion on whether we should have the beer).

This is part of what we put up with because we do enjoying shopping in Michigan and playing golf over there. We are Michigan's guest! We are not allowed to take meat, fruit or dairy products across, but we can bring them back to Canada. It always makes us laugh because beside us on the bridge will be a truck load of cattle, one of pigs and several garbage trucks taking garbage to a landfill in Michigan from Toronto, On. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but it's all part of the agreement between US and Canada.

We have the luxury of being able to fly out of Detroit, MI which is approx an hour's drive versus a three and half hour drive to Toronto and much more reasonable airfare. Do we want to stay on the right side of these officers? You're darn right. We try to always keep on top of whatever new laws are put in place regarding what is allowed. A simple search on-line will tell you what's new. Once you get a "flag" on your passport or vehicle you will get stopped every time.

I'm not sure how fair this system is but according to the local bridge news, there are lots of illegals, drugs, guns, etc. getting across going both ways. I was really surprised.
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