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In Canada, there does appear to be a significant difference between an 'Indictable Offense' (typically felonies), as noted in the Entry Regulations posted by Nikky, and a 'Summary Offense' for less serious crimes (typically misdemeanors), as noted here for Indictable Offenses:

and here for Summary Offenses:

These categories seem to have replaced the older Grand Jury system of issuing indictments in Canada, as noted here:

Grand jury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

but appear to retain the similar distinctions between separate procedures for indictable offenses (felonies) and summary offenses (misdemeanors) as found the judicial system in the US, and the similar procedures and safeguards that go with it.

Based on the specific wording of the Entry regulations submitted by Nikky, I take this to indicate the real possibility that convictions for misdemeanors in the US would (and possibly should) also be considered summary offenses (i.e., misdemeanors) in Canada as well, and that the specific language 'Indictable Offenses' codifies and maintains that difference. I'm not a Canadian 'attorney' (nor a US attorney either), but the difference between the enforcement policy at the border compared to the specific wording of the Entry Regulations seems like sufficient reason to contact a Canadian attorney to clarify the law versus what appears to be a rather broader application of it by border control officers than is called for by the law itself. Good luck!

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