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Originally Posted by Skoons View Post
Unfortunate but true. We were charged per person. We have been traveling to Cozumel multiple times every year for a very long time now and were shocked. We had over 25 people with us and each time a group of people used a taxi they were charged per person. We asked our hotel as well as a few friends who live there and they said that was the new policy per taxi union . It is also on Cozumel Insider.. That as of the end of 2012 they made this change. I'm hoping its not the same in Playa
I don't know how to respond, really.

We've taken a cab on Cozumel in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

I also have a current list of charges by zone from the taxi union.

Your information is incorrect.

If you are talking about a van (not mini van taxi), then that's another kettle of fish, and I do not have any information (or opinion) about them.

My response concerns only taxis.

If you have indeed traveled to Cozumel multiple times every year for a very long time, you would know that what you've posted about rates is not correct.

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