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Due settimane in Italia!

So last year my husband and I decided that for our mutual 60th birthdays this year - we would take a trip to Italy - and make it a long one, to see as much as possible. I started planning the itinerary about a year in advance - we were there from May 2- 17. I used the internet, friends, travel books - and planned it out as best I could. Turned out I did a good job
Disclaimer: I bought a new camera THE DAY BEFORE we left. Bad idea. I didn't really know how to use it right; the pics aren't as good as I know the camera can do. Some of these are with my iPhone and I swear they're as good or better *sigh*

We flew into Milan, overnight from Newark. Had requested an upgrade EIGHT MONTHS IN ADVANCE and didn't get it. Don't even get me started on United. At any rate, from the airport we rented our car for the trip, and drove up to Lake Como, our base for 2 nights. We stayed at the Albergo Terminus hotel in Como, the southern tip of the lake.

The car we drove around Italy for 2 weeks - a Fiat 500L. Pretty big for a car in Italy, as we found out.

Some Lake Como pics:

We settled into our hotel, napped a little, and walked around the town. Our hotel was right on the water, in the main Plaza of town. It was Saturday night, and Glenn went to mass in a beautiful little church while I sat at a cafe and had....well....a cocktail, of course....

and I made a little friend, too!!

Then we took the furnicular up the side of the mountain to an adorable restaurant aptly named Bella Vista, which had a beautiful view of the lake and the alps behind....too late for a picture, though . Delicious branzino, as seen from the before and after photos!!

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