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Day 2 - to Milan on the train!

A little cappuccino at the stations waiting for the train...

Castello Sforzesco, where all the Visconti lords lived. Pretty cool, but there was a cheesy flea market going on inside in the courtyard...kind of ruined the mood.

On to the Piazza del Duomo - the cathedral took 6 centuries to build. Again, there was some sort of crazy festival going on, and besides being so crowded this silly hot air baloon was in the plaza. The building is gorgeous, though....

Sunday mass going on inside, so we couldn't get under the dome

Across the street from the Piazza is a popular shopping area of Milan called the Galleria. It's absolutely stunning, filled with high end shops, and the artistry of the construction is amazing.

beautiful floors

We strolled a street known for cute boutique shopping....but it was Sunday, and they were all buttoned up. Via Spiga

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