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Thanks, Susie!!
So Monday morning, off to Venice. Some of our friends thought we were CRAZY to drive around Italy. "They're all crazy drivers!!", they said. We found... not at ALL. The Autostrada is very easy to understand....just stay in the middle lane unless you're a truck and going slow, or want to fly past everyone at about 150km. Everyone seems to abide by this rule, so it's quite simple. Now - rural roads are a whole other story, but more on that later.

The one regret I have on this trip is not staying in Lake Como for another day, to have time to take a cruise around the lake to see the villas from the water, and and stop at Bellaggio and Cernobbio. I had originally planned that, but my husband then informed me that there was NO way we were going to Italy and not going to the Ferrarri factory, so Lake Como lost out. Then he loved Como and now wants to go back there. Go figure.

Anyhow, when you drive to Venice, you have to park your car and get a boat to get to your hotel, since Venice is made up of 180 islands and there are no roads. So packing for this 2 night stay was a challenge, as if packing for a 2 week driving trip wasn't hard enough. We didn't really stay anywhere long enough to have laundry done, and it was expensive, to boot. So ladies, you can imagine.

On the way TO our hotel, we took a private water taxi, because I knew we'd never find it if we were just dropped off by the water bus near the hotel. I was right....we would have been totally lost. Good choice to spend the money, there.

Some scenes of our first afternoon in Venice:

Our hotel: Right on a canal. the room at the top with the little balcony with flowers is ours. Called AD Place, only 12 rooms, really nice.

The Grand Canal at the end of our little canal. Here you can see the Vaporetto station (the water bus) and the gondolas waiting for peeps.

A little church on the way to Piazza San Marco

We decided to sit and have a cappuccino and a snack in the Piazza after the drive and transport to the hotel, and when you do this, in the Piazza, where there is music being paid, you will pay TOP DOLLAR!! I think we had 2 drinks and some finger sandwiches, then cappuccinos, and the bill was around 80 euros, YIKES!! Once in a lifetime thing, though....

Yikes!! Gondola traffic jam!!

crummy picture, sorry, like I said, I need to learn to use the camera, especially the lighting part. Dinner at this cute little restaurant on the canal near our hotel - in the near distance, the Grand Canal, again. I think I had my first gnocchi of the trip here....where I realized that I've never REALLY had gnocchi melt in my mouth like that....just fabulous.

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