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Second day in Venice - sight seeing. Piazza San Marco again where we visited the basilica and the Doge's Palace.
One thing I ABSOLUTELY did right in planning this trip was to get tickets on line before we went for everything possible. You pay maybe 2-4 euros extra, but when you zip past the hundreds of people waiting on line to buy tickets to get in everywhere, you know it's worth it.

Piazza San Marco. The basilica had a lot of work being done on the facade. And my photo must be tilted, because I do NOT remember the bell tower being tilted like this....

The clock tower. this is REALLY cool. The figures on the top move ever so slightly around the bell each hour. And the time is displayed in roman numerals. It was 10:15am, as you can see.

Inside the basilica, the "wall of gold", I think it was called. Depictions of apostles and saints in each "frame". It was amazing.

the Doge's Palace - where Venice's rulers lived until Italy became unified. Incredibly opulent inside, and I couldn't take very many pictures because the walls and ceilings were covered in frescos. Honestly, in Italy you become almost immune to all the magnificent art. It's crazy.

The coolest part of the Doge's Palace is the prison. You could feel the doom and gloom.

The Bridge of Sighs connects the palace, where the prisoners were judged and condemned, to the prison itself across a canal. It was said you could hear the prisoners sigh as they were walked across and caught their last glimpse of the light of day through the bars...

The view from inside the bridge: (into the sun, not a great pic)

Afternoon was lunch, shopping, walk to the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal, stuff like that.

The refurbished opera house

Doorbells that caught my eye. Imagine, all the last names were italian!!

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