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Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
Omgosh! Amazing, it's just totally amazing! Thanks for remembering me and letting me know you're doing your TR! I have some sad news, we are not going to be able to go, a couple of different hiccups that seemed to make it almost impossible to coordinate everyone's schedules. And yesterday I found out my elderly cat is in renal failure. She is a very unfriendly cat to everyone but my husband and me. There is no way anyone else could give her the meds and subq fluids she will need. Remember, I work for a vet and no one in the clinic can handle her! So, we will be home for the forseeable future, taking care of her. She loves me and has been my little feline companion for almost 18 years

I'm loving this report, what a beautiful place!
Well then, you can travel vicariously....through my trip report!! It's fun to relive it through doing this.....
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