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Modena and the Ferrari Factory

Between Venice and the Cinque Terre, we made a pit stop () in Maranello, which is located in north central Italy near Modena and Bologna. No visit to Italy would be complete without seeing the Ferrari factory, according to my I indulged him. BTW, also in the area are Lamborghini and Maserati, but come on....enough is enough, we are in ITALY, for goodness sake!!

These are some pictures of the museum...the factory "tour" was a small bus ride through the grounds of the factory. You can't actually get IN the factory for a tour unless you OWN a Ferrari, and have made an appointment through your dealer and have documentation (like a registration) to prove you own one. GEEZ. But the ride around was cool, you could see things happening like painting assembling a few things, stuff like that.

And the SOUND....the whole TOWN sounds like zipping Ferraris, because the test track is right there, and they also drive the cars around the town itself to test them. They're shrink wrapped in white, it's pretty neat.

They're not ALWAYS red...

Brand new model: 4-seater, and AWD!! Nuts for a Ferrari

All the Formula One winners

Of course, the requisite Photo Booth shot

It really was fun. The whole TOWN is red. The hotel where we stayed had a Ferrari in the lobby.

But next: Le Cinque Terre!!
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