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No city water Tuesday!

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, SOLIDARITY, June 22 -. "Ante maintenance work in the medium-voltage network which supplies wells takeover by the Federal Electricity Commission, service water distribution will be suspended on Tuesday 24 June from 7:00 to 17:00.
According to information provided by the Committee on Water and Wastewater (CAPA), the holder in the State Paula González Cetina alerted the general public to take precautions to stock the liquid until the distribution is normalized.
He reiterated that the CFE will be performing maintenance of the transmission line medium voltage and feeding the absorption wells located west of the city, this allows future interruptions or electrical variations are taken.
He said he will be ten hours Gang CFE need for such maintenance, then return to work the pumps and gradually take pressure until standardized at the 58,000 service connections, ie the same number of users, distributed in 65 colonies and divisions of Playa del Carmen.
Cetina Gonzalez insisted that users should take the necessary precautions, storage and care of the vital fluid and postpone housework in which large amounts of water are used during the period mentioned, mainly laundry.
For questions and clarifications on the restoration of the service made available to the general population telephone number 984 873 0286, customer service COAT, Solidarity agency or directly to 071, the Federal Electricity Commission.
The state official requested the understanding of the users of the drinking water, the discomfort they cause disruption, but maintaining power lines is necessary in a certain period of time to keep them in top condition, thereby also ensuring optimal distribution."

I'm doing laundry today....saving water tomorrow.
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