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?Ceviche at Cannibal Royale & Best Cenote Close to Playa

Hi all.

I have a friend with me this coming trip. I searched out Ceviche and found a few older posts. I would love to find a great place to sit and have a Ceviche and Beer on the beach. I do love Zenzi, but any other ideas would be awesome, I may have heard along the way that Cannibal Royale has a nice upper deck and Ceviche……any truth to that……ok suggest away everyone. I am thinking beach side if at all possible.

I am not a lover of Ceviche, but my friend is, I am doing a one day whirl wind tour of the Coast as they always stay in Cancun as they are in the Travel Industry and it is just easy for them. I am always going on about the rest of QRoo., so want to have an enjoyable gorgeous day.

On Cenote's: I have been to many of the Cenote's, but really do not want to go as far as Hidden Worlds or the Cenote's around Tulum. Can anyone suggest an amazing Cenote or two more Central to Playa, but still mind blowing. I wish I had the time to go as far as the Cenote's past Coba, but it is just to far for a day.

Thanks everyone. Have a lovely day
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