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Playa wedding video 5th ave church

I am a fortunate guy.
As part of my job, I get to film weddings...
I really, REALLY love them!
I have learned over the years that not all wedding "celebrants" feel the same joy and often come off as...well...grumpy...
In my opinion, weddings should be a celebration, not an onerous chore!
Father Hubert Reiner, who presides at the lovely church in the heart of Playa del Carmen is definitely my favorite!
I recently completed editing a wedding I filmed there last month.
In general, when I create a wedding "highlight" video, I set it to music...normally the Bride's favorite song.
In this case, Father Hubert did such an amazing job that I included several minutes of his oratory.
It makes for a longer-than-usual highlight video, but the bride and groom are thrilled!
In fact, they told me they are planning to get matching "I am you" tattoos to commemorate the ceremony.
You will have to watch the video to understand

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