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We were in Huatulco once when we went down to the beach one day and it was covered in tiny dark reddish brown crabs....and I mean COVERED....some alive and some dead and other dying.

My husband went out with his snorkel gear on and said the entire ocean floor at least twenty feet out was also thickly covered. He had to crunch on them with his fins....ew.

It was pretty gross, however, two days later they had been either swept back out to sea and the dead ones shoveled up and buried. The next trip there it was strings of salps which were harmless but again, everywhere and sort of creepy...people thought they were baby jellyfish and wouldn't get in the water ....


But this sargassum thing has been going on now for what, over a year? And showing no signs of slowing down. This might be the biggest negative impact to tourism to this coast in many years.
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