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Originally Posted by AndyW View Post
Agreed. We have tried some other spots over the past few years... Aruba, Puerto Rico... A day or two in we just look at each other and say "Nope, it ain't Playa"
Originally Posted by DONO View Post
People always asked us "why Cozumel" after 12 trips. We came to playa for 9 days last year and really missed Cozumel. Sad thing was that we could see it the whole time. We enjoyed Playa but it was a wee bit bussier than Cozumel. One thing about Playa........we never got bored!

Originally Posted by jackjackattack View Post
Agree with you! We've been to many wonderful places, but we have fallen in love with Playa, and can't say exactly why. We bring friends and some love it and come back, and others are its ok.
This is exactly why I'm 'afraid' to go anywhere else! In 2009 we went to Venezuela (for a wedding) and the whole week there that poor Island we were comparing to Playa. Came back from that trip and promptly booked our trip to Playa. Ever since then, I think if I go somewhere else, I'll be disappointed. It's like going home. Eventually we will get a place there to stay.
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