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Originally Posted by DrewJones View Post
Moving for good? Best way is to just show up. On Juarez between 5th and 20th are number of hotels for 500 pesos or less per night. (about 30 USD today.) Low season you'll have no problem just showing up and finding one.

Once you're physically in Playa, you'll have access to the best options and prices. Get a local prepay phone, download whatsapp, and wander around and check places out. Spanish helps, but there are some agents around town that speak English that can help out.

By "super cheap", you can find places for as little as 1500 pesos a month if you're ok being 15 minutes or more out of the centro and having a stone room with a mat on the floor. 5000 - 8000 pesos will get you a studio close to the action.

Yep, moving for good...great advice. Thanks so much
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