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Originally Posted by bearcat View Post
The kid just eats, sleeps and poops. Living the dream!

You guys are crazy holding that snake! Thanks for sharing your report and pics.
I'm sure he's a Pat's fan, too- really living the dream It was just a little boa constrictor- it only tried to strangle my hand off once....

Originally Posted by DarMI View Post
Nice report and great to see pictures of your daughter! What a beautiful family you have. Maybe someday we will meet up in Mexico again!
I hope so! It would be great to cross paths again! Thanks

Originally Posted by sonofdob View Post
Buggirl...yes we are in the same it here...oh and I agree with GaryD...we need toilet seats......sonofdob
Yeah. I'm glad I didn't think of that while we were there....we'll be staying at the house next door to you next year- maybe we'll actually be there at the same time!
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