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I like that you are looking for a way to contribute to the community! I think the most important thing is to understand the need here. First, I am assuming you are fluent in Spanish or have a very strong command of the language? Perhaps speaking with DIF, which is the governmental organization that assists women and children, would be a good place to start. Additionally, perhaps reaching out to other human welfare organizations like KKIS <Keep Kids in School>. Their organization is made up of foreign residents, mostly from the US and Canada, I believe. They may able to get you pointed in the right direction.
In terms of what will stop the robberies? Well, that is a very long and complicated process to curb and eliminate crime and starts with the education system within Mexico. Providing a food pantry (there is at least one in town already that is run by DIF) is a way to immediately assist those in need but it isn't a way to eliminate crime. Education and a strong, healthy economy with opportunities for all social classes is the only way to curb crime, in my humble opinion.
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