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I am not sure, but they have a website where they have a contact us section. I know Gail is still involved, as is Kelly Caldwell.

As far as the name of the food banks, the two that I know of are run by DIF. There is one on 45 and 18? Or 16? Behind the Burger King that is on the highway.

The other one is in the Ejido, fairly close to the highway - maybe a block back and between Constituyentes and Juarez but the street number escapes me. I will try to remember to look when I ride by it tomorrow on my bike.

Also, consider getting in touch with the Seaside Rotary Club. They do a lot of fundraising and work for local charities that support low income families. Teaming up with another organization who has been around the block is probably the best way to approach this, instead of reinventing the wheel.
The front of Burger King on the highway is on calle 14 bis, the back is on calle 16 - are you referring to the building on the NE corner of 45 and 18, directly opposite - to the east - of the SE corner of the water company 'AguaKun'? ('The SE corner of AguaKun' is same as 'the NW corner of 45 and 18' - Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but, after you think about it, it's not as weird as saying 'the NE corner of 45 and 18, directly opposite - to the east - of the NW corner of 45 and 18.')

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