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Originally Posted by NUCG/PLAYA View Post
Thank you! That's good to know that they do have some kind of support there in playa but we need a much broader effort to help the Mexican community. I am seeking numerous ways to build this community please let me know ideas you have for this community.
What does the community need? Well, you name it and the community here needs it. These are my observations from volunteering within the community (I help a friend who has a small animal welfare organization and we are regularly in the poorest neighborhoods) and my personal experiences with close Mexican friends:

Affordable housing with basics (running hot & cold water in all faucets, flushing toilets, appropriate protection from elements - functioning roof, Windows with screens, secure doors)

Education support - an extensive, easily accessible & free - Spanish speaking mentors with experience in math, sciences, literature, etc.

Health Progams - including healthy eating programs that include access to locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. Perhaps community gardens. Healthy baby programs, support for new moms, prenatal care, education, and the list goes on.

Community Cleanups - Playa has become one huge garbage dump. It is disgusting and shameful. A community cleanup will help build pride & accountability in each neighborhood (I am not talking about tourist areas, I mean Guadalupana, Las Palmas, Bella Vista, Colosio, Villamar, Nueva Creacion, etc, etc, etc)

These are just a few things that I can think of.

And the food bank I mentioned in the Ejido is on Calle 18 near Avenida 60 Pointe.
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