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Old 08-04-2003   #16 (permalink)
way into it
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Pueblo Sacbe

The maps of the property have recently been updated at this location:

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Old 08-09-2003   #17 (permalink)
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What's up?

Any news on the village? The web site seems to be down. Is that temporary?
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Old 08-12-2003   #18 (permalink)
way into it
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Pueblo Sacbe

The website should be back up soon.
The web hosting company is apparently confused about the status
of and has it temporarily suspended.
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Old 08-13-2003   #19 (permalink)
toe in water
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Is the web host confused because it thinks it is not going to be paid? Or....?
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Old 08-13-2003   #20 (permalink)
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We are investigating this problem with the webhost. The administration of the site involves a few people and there is sharing of space involved. It will be sorted out asap and the site will be back up and running.
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Old 11-02-2003   #21 (permalink)
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Pueblo Sacbe

First week back to new home in Pueblo SacBe.

Flew from Oregon to Cancun via Dallas on American Airlines with no problems. Got the green light at customs, so no delays there either.
Took the Riviera bus into Playa del Carmen, then a taxi to Posada las Iguanas, a nice little place to stay
for a few days until the rental house in the village is ready to use.

It is great to be back to stay! A bicycle tour through Pueblo SacBe village on the new paths revealed an amazing amount of progress since my last visit in April. My mind boggles at the amount of new things we will add soon to the new version of the website at . . . lots of good new roads, projects, bike trails, and some special little surprises.

Set up my workspace at the SacBe office. What a welcome change from the corporate fastlane!

Cancun shopping at Sam's Club and Home Mart. Less than an hour away, and all the big city selections.

Visited with several friends, then later went out on 5th Ave. to watch the cute kids in Halloween costumes.

Rental house shopping - just the basics until the shipment of household items arrives.

Time to take a deep breath, reality check that I am really here, catch up on my notes, and relax!
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Old 11-06-2003   #22 (permalink)
into ruins
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Village Rental house?

Bill B,

Thanks for the post. Really appreciate updates. Great to hear about recent progress. I'm coming down in a couple of weeks and can't wait to see what's been happening. Glad to hear about the paths and such. Haven't been down since March, so it will be cool to see everything new.

Looking forward to visiting my little patch and having some of the area cleared (thinned really) while I'm down.

You mentioned rental house in the village. Who's renting now? What area?

Are you going to live full-time in the village now? Perhaps we'll meet when I'm down. Probably pay my first visit on the 18th or 19th. Will be in and out over following two weeks.

Good luck with the relocation! Cheers.
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Old 11-07-2003   #23 (permalink)
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I sent a request for tour information throught the Pueblo Sacbe website, but got an error message in return, so I don;t know if my message got through. Bill B., if you are here, maybe you can tell me what;s up with tours. I''ll try a PM also.

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Old 11-08-2003   #24 (permalink)
way into it
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Pueblo Sacbe

Hey Dave,

I hope to keep posting updates here or under a new topic fairly often. I will be looking for you when you're here for a visit. I can usually be contacted at the SacBe office on Constituyentes and 70th.

My sweetheart Jim Ann and I are renting the only available house I could find in the village. I will be adding a solar energy system in payment. We plan to use this as a model for our energy and communication services.

Also, stay tuned for an extensive update of the website. Among other things will be a really great evolving photo tour - "A Walk Through the Village".

Bill B
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Old 11-19-2003   #25 (permalink)
way into it
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Hey Bill!

Lynn here! Couldn't wait to get home and add my two bits worth! It was great to meet you last weekend and I look forward to your presence in this SacBe forum.

I don't have the words to express my excitement about all the improvements to Pueblo SacBe since my last visit in July! :o During this visit I ran into a continuous flurry of workers all over the project busily planting, digging and building. There are new roads including one right past the entrance to my property in Phase III and bike trails too numerous to count covered with sascab. My new neighbors have built a wonderful rustic corral for their mare and newborn beautiful. The Blue Morph butterflies are in abundance and add their electric blue to the already vibrant colors of the parks. My piece of paradise has been cleaned and I've found no less than EIGHT breather holes that I just can't wait to explore! I'm heading back to SacBe this weekend...again; this time I'm bringing my gardening gloves!! :P

SacBe is truely a dream come true for me and I thank my lucky stars for Ted Rhodes and his vision!! 8)

See ya real soon! 8)
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Old 04-20-2005   #26 (permalink)
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If you need some more help with the solar & pump stuff, let me know!

Good luck!
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Old 05-31-2005   #27 (permalink)
way into it
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Pueblo Sacbe

A May 2005 Project Update and some new photo galleries have been added to the Pueblo SacBe website.
Enjoy . . .

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Old 08-07-2005   #28 (permalink)
very sparkly
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official village update

You can find an update on what is going on in and around the village on the pueblosacbe website: with photograhs or just read the copy below:

Update August 2005 from Ted Rhodes

Greetings to all,

There has been incredible action this year in Pueblo SacBe. Paying off the land debt last February allowed funds to be spent on more infrastructure, art and culture in the village. Our road system is about 70% finished and a lot of beautification has been done in two of our parks, Tohoku Park and Kaaxil Ha Park, as you can see from the new pictures. And yes, Dave and Lisa, we have almost reached your lot with the road!

I am very pleased to tell you that we now have hired a Cultural Director, whose mandate is to organize all social events and activities. My dear friend and mentor, Yvon Pepin, has returned from Quebec to add some culture and pizzaz to our village. Yvon was the director of the Conservatory of Music in Hull, Quebec, for many years and decided a few years ago to move to Playa. He directed the theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar here last year and is a world class classical guitarist. Welcome, Yvon! As Pueblo SacBe is all about community, we are planning the SacBe Solstice Festival for December 21 and 22. The festival will include music, theater, flamenco and Mayan dancing, as well as many fun activities like volleyball, barrel racing in the cenotes, with added mystical Mayan ceremonies and temazcals (mayan sweat lodge). We welcome any of you to contact Yvon if you care to perform or help with the festival:

We've sold several more lots the last few months, and as of August 8, the price per square meters is increasing 50% from $50 M2 to $75 M2. Memo is selling at $150 M2 in the 35 hectares his company controls. Our plan is to raise the price again on March 8, 2006 to $100 M2. SacBe will accept a 10% refundable deposit for those who wish to buy at our existing prices until August 8, and will give a further 45 days to come to Mexico and choose their lot.

The Tarzan Tower is coming together in preparation for the SacBe Caf頡nd wireless internet office. Many new bronze sculptures are now embellishing the entrance, the security post and the parks. We've just finished the tower for watering the 'Wall' and living quarters for the family securing our land. The 'Wall' continues to grow to surround the community, filled with flowers, bromeliads and various cactus plants. Memo has also created the most fantastic gardens throughout SacBe and has proven to be an exceptional addition to the project.

Every Saturday we will be giving free guitar lessons in the village for anyone who wishes to learn. Yvon and I will be teaching the classes. We have also started the SacBe Chess Club for all ages, which Tom and I will be hosting. We just can't stop having fun!

Well, my friends, that's all for now. Don't miss the SacBe Solstice Festival!

As always, I love this job, ted
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