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Digital Nomads Trialling For 1 Month For a More Permanent Move

Hey all,

My partner and I are originally from Sydney Australia, and we both run online companies (lucky us).

We have spent the last 7 months living in Ubud-Bali which we have enjoyed very much, but have decided that it's a time for us to change locations and keep moving around the world.

I've wanted to learn Spanish for quite a while, and I love the ocean and warm weather, so we were looking around the Caribbean. Playa Del Carmen was mentioned to us by some friends, so I've been doing my research and it seems to be our next destination.

We plan to go in November to escape the beginning of Dengue virus season here in Ubud.

I definitely have lots of questions as we plan ahead of time such as good areas to live, how personal transportation there works (we just hire a scooter here for $50 USD a month).

Exciting times ahead.
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