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bruce sundance
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breaking news:
I was informed that there will be the official grand opening at 6.30 pm today.
what was I doing there the last nights?

come in time,
half of canada is showing up by 7 pm.
Iīll be there after 7 pm myself,
if you want to watch me get drunk ... or just say hello.

did I quote pearl jam? that was the wine talking. I watch eddie on yt last night
singing some old springsteen songs.
do you have an arrival date yet? late jan or early feb was the last I read somewhere.
whatīs your poison, so I can tell you a price tomorrow? was it rum or vodka,
I canīt remember, the wine put a blurry veil over last high seasonīs monday bbqs.
glad you stay at the same place again, got to know the guy who is running the bar
of the hotel over the last couple of months, heīs cool.
be well, sir, my best to misses r.

this town is funny, if you want to find out what time,
which way and other details the carnival parade goes,
you best time to ask is 2 days after it happens.
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