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Originally Posted by bruce sundance View Post
a few details:

the bar is right at the corner of 15th avenue and 8th street opposite from the park,
meaning east side ( that´s where the ocean is) of 15th avenue and northside of 8th.

opening hours: 3 pm till 2 am daily.

beers on offer:
xx lager
xx ambar
tecate light
( for now)
30 pesos a bottle.

7 - 9 pm happy hour 2 x 1:

they serve food as well.

ale, the lady running the place is known to some of you,
if you were in town 6 years ago there was a place called ´el bar´
on 10th street on the way down from 5th to dirty martini´s,
upstairs rooftop place.
ale and mayte had the bar, chris bolister and brent parkin played
and the rest is history.

for you ladies: the baņos are brand new and clean.

the bar opened less than a week ago, so a few things will have to work itself out,
but they are off to a good start.
come over and help them get going,
you can request music.
the bar is very breezy open on 2 sides plus outdoor tables only covered
by a wooden fence.

I think, that enough for now.
any questions let me know, I will find out and report back.

have a great weekend.

( no, I am not involved in the bar nor related to anybody working there.)
oh well no problem, we went expecting a "better" deal, but paid 60 pesos per barcardi rum . no big deal. Like i said, we will try again... went there based on hype. and know better prices around .so was surprised that's all.

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