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Originally Posted by Babaloo View Post
60 pesos for a mixed drink is a good price.
Under $3 US.
Originally Posted by bruce sundance View Post
I havenīt been there for happy hour,
so i donīt know.
the information in the first post was given to me more than a week ago,
might have changed.
the beer discount would be a change already.
but you should ask your server, if you think you are paying more than
you think you should, they wonīt hold it against you.
itīs a new place, nothing runs perfect from the get go.
they are good people, might have been an honest mistake,
they know better than to rip somebody off.
Like I said no problem! I didn't say anything about a rip off . I paid the bill thats all ... no questions asked about prices before or after. just wondering... I am Canadian so U$ don't mean much to me, i"m comparing pesos to pesos.
Loved the place, talked to ale, and we had great service from our server and a good time , love ale and told her we will be back , and we will go back... and we will even at 60 pesos! I wish them all the best, sometimes some people don't always get what other do (here) that's all. I wish them all the best.
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