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actually, Rob, no, especially as a foreign tourist you ARE buying money using an ATM in Mexico, Ron is are buying a foreign currency with your Canadian funds in that account, based on that day's rate. It's only the source/method that differs from buying it at home or exchanging at a cambio.

Originally Posted by deetee1000 View Post
So you are saying our canadian Scotiabank bank card will work at the ATM at the Scotiabank in Playa. Went there only once and the machine was not working. Had my bank card disappear in an ATM in Indonesia once. Not fun for the rest of my trip. Left a sour taste in my mouth.
But you guys are the best source of intel so I think I just might defer to you. Usually I just bring a ton of pesos with me and no I am not giving out my address. lol
Eventhough I am not going down until January, I was thinking this would be the best time to buy,

Apparently EVERYONE is thinking this is the best time to buy. I went into my bank (not Scotia; Credit Union) earlier this week to buy pesos for my trip (I leave tomorrow) and while they normally stock a bunch of pesos in the safe, they were almost totally cleaned out due to people coming in and buying them up for their winter vacations.

They would have ordered some in for me (and then you get that day's rate- not the rate when you pick them up- at least my bank does it that way). But they I would have to pay the service fee of $6 or $7 and I won't do that.

So I guess it's the ATM for me this trip. I, like you, prefer taking them with me because the money 'lost' is minimal (I go only 1-2 weeks a year), and it's a pain finding ATMs sometime, sometimes your card won't work or it's out of money, and sometimes you get stuck with all/mostly large bills and they can be a PITA to break. Oh and no worries about ATM fraud/skimmers.

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