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It's kind of important to note too, that there is a big difference between what is the best method of getting pesos for a short term vacationer versus someone living there full time, or the long term stay folks.

Obviously bringing pesos from home is not going to be a great option for the latter category.

But for the majority of people, those of us on 1 or 2 week vacations, the difference of paying a little bit extra to buy our pesos before we leave can be very well worth it to save time and hassle on our precious vacation time. Maybe 30 or so bucks extra to get my spending money before I leave? Pffftht, well worth it.

deetee- no, no Kantor forex place. There are a couple other forex places in Saskatoon but the locations are just inconvenient for me-I like that my banks stocks them and waives the fee, so I just go there.
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