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New to forum, looking for work :)

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, which I found while looking for information about work/prospects in PDC.

I am living here for few months now, trying to find a sustainable job with not so much of results
So I thought I will take a shot and try here - maybe some of you are looking to hire new people or "knows someone"

Shortly about myself:
I am 28 male, graduate of Power Engineering with additional postgraduate studies (energy auditing). I have 1 year of experience as energy efficiency analysist and 2 years of experience as project engineer in Oil&Gas Company.
I am fluent in english with basics (communicative) spanish. As a person I am "happy spirit", quick learner, always looking to new challanges and adventures (I know it sounds a little bit cliche but that's true).

Considering the type of area, I am obviously interested in working at other industries.

Therefore, if anyone would be interested or knows someone that could be, please let me know Also I can send my resume in pdf if you provide e-mail or so.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day all,


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