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I know people who have made very good money in time share sales but it's not for everyone.
You should fully expect to make very little money (when comparing to US or Canada) regardless of the position. I would say a very good paying job would make $20,000 mxn a month. But, most people I know make around $10,000 to $14,000 a month. I know some waitresses in a bar and they make about $6000 a month + tips but they aren't raking in tips (the bar is mostly filled with young people from Mexico, South America and Europe - not big tippers).
You should also expect to work 6 days a week, generally 8 to 6 for 5 days and then 8 to 2 on Saturdays. This is if you are working full time. But again the time shares Sale people I know work far less than that.
I would say you should also expect most of the jobs available to be tourism related.

If you're a decent swimmer/snorkeler you could try to get in with a company like Cancun Adventures. I don't know if they hire people without Spanish language skills though. They might.

These are my experiences and knowledge from 4 years here and with a bunch of friends in many different jobs. Certainly not an expert but just sharing what I know.
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