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Thank you so much for your responses and information!

@u2girlie That clears a lot for me. I mean I am currently considering entering the tourism/sales business but I am expecting the first weeks/months can be rough as I am lacking of experience there. I have to say that working in restaurant/hotel "on 5th" ran through my mind but considering what you've told me that option is no longer on the table

@DrewJones It's not a matter if I am willing or not - the thing is I moved here because my Girlfriend lives here, so Mexico City is unfortunately not much of and option. And yes while I was scouting jobs in Mexico maaany of them are located there, but for now I don't see how that can work.

I am aware that living here on a decent level is probably more a dream than a probability, but I am still not giving up !

Today I came back from one "interview" for a callcenter, have any of you ever tried that? They are selling tourist packs/trips to Canadian citizens from here. As I understood, the salary is only from your sold packages cut (10%), obviously they are praising the job that you can win a lot etc. but I don't know how that's reflecting the reality..

Anyway in 2 days we're leaving for christmas and I will be back in January, so if I will give it a shot to try there, I would start then. However any info about that would be appreciated.

Also one person told me that it's not to hard to find a job as a English Teacher (she recommender Harmon Hall School I believe). I tried to contact them but I had only response from Chetumal, which is too far I am affraid.

Thanks in advance


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